Wednesday, March 15, 2006

What My 5th Grade Teacher Taught Me

When I was in the fifth grade I had a wonderful teacher named Mrs. Sanborn. She was one of the shining examples of what a teacher should be…encouraging, supportive, caring, and fun. And she was the best reader of stories I ever knew. She read us “A Wrinkle in Time” and used different voices for each of the characters so well that she kept a room full of ten year olds entranced and hanging on her every word.

Mrs. Sanborn told us a story once upon a time…Her son had been sick with some sort of infection. The doctor put him on an antibiotic. When the young boy began feeling better, Mrs. Sanborn stopped giving him the antibiotic. The infection returned. The doctor lectured Mrs. Sanborn and told her that her son needed to finish the full course of the antibiotic to completely kill all the infection. He said to her, “I don’t care if the boy is sick, well, or dead, he needs to take all the medication!”

Mrs. Sanborn turned this into a teaching lesson for the generations of students who entered her classroom. She would say, “Sick, well, or dead, you need to get your homework done.” “Sick, well, or dead, your project needs to be finished by Friday.” She even abbreviated when she wrote a due date on the board, “SWD”, and we all knew just what she meant.

What Mrs. Sanborn was really teaching us about was integrity. We didn’t know it at the time because like many teachers she sort of snuck that by us and lodged it in our subconscious. Teachers are tricky that way. She was teaching us that when you make a commitment to someone, you need to follow through “sick, well, or dead”.

Such is the case when you promise subscribers to your newsletter that they will receive a weekly Ezine of valuable tips and strategies to help them become more successful in their business endeavors. They entrust you with their email addresses in exchange for valuable information. It is a contract, pure and simple.

Sometimes, in the course of human events (like excessive demands of running a business) you lose sight of some of those commitments and contracts. You forget to kiss your spouse goodbye. You neglect to call your mother. Your dog turns big brown eyes to you and sighs because you forgot to play with him today. Or, you neglect to write your Ezine because you’re swamped with work. But, the bottom line is this: you made a promise and sick, well, or dead you need to keep your word.

So, here is my renewed pledge to all of my valued subscribers:

Sick, well, or dead, you will see me in your inbox every Wednesday with tips and strategies to help you create a more successful business.

(Note: If you don’t see me in your inbox, it means your s-p-a-m filter kicked me out, but my ezines can always be found on my blog at

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